4th Baby on the Way

I am so excited to be pregnant with my 4th baby! I am 17 weeks and feeling great for the most part! I had very little morning sickness thanks to the help of my natural doctor who helped me avoid the unpleasant morning (all day) sickness that plagued me with my other pregnancies. One thing I could not avoid in my first trimester was the exhaustion. Being a homeschooling mom of three kids already can be exhausting enough, but this was a whole new level of exhaustion. Thankfully, once I hit 13-14 weeks I felt that wonderful second trimester energy!

So how did this homeschooling mom of three survive the first trimester of pregnancy? Here is what I did:

  • I made sure to get outside and get fresh air to help wake me up. I always felt rejuvenated after being outdoors. We spent numerous afternoons at the park which was good for all of us!
  • Taking prenatal vitamins and eating a diet of good fruits and vegetables. The days I ate poorly, I felt much more lethargic.
  • Magnesium body spray. I read that this would help curb the nausea and give energy…it definitely seemed to help!
  • Frozen foods. I cringe with this one, but I resorted to it because I could not keep up the pace after a long day. It seemed like dinner time was suffering and I resorted to a lot of “healthy” frozen meals.
  • Lots and lots of water! Even though it was tough, I would drink water all day long. Being dehydrated only adds to exhaustion and nausea, so this was on the top of my to do list each day!
  • Essential Oils! Especially the citrus oils were especially helpful in giving me a pick me up!
  • Rest. Some days were too much and I put on a movie for the kids and laid on the couch and took a cat nap!

How did you deal with the first trimester of pregnancy?


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