I ❤️ Art: Encouraging Children to Create! 

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see” Degas

Art is a beautiful expression of a person. I especially love using art in our homeschooling. We spend a lot of time each week creating works of art that will instantly remind my children of something that we have learned. I also encourage my children to create art work for the sake of creating!

My oldest daughter has expressed her desire to be an artist with her own art museum since she was 4 or 5 years old. She continually is drawn to art and all that it has to offer! I see such value in her expressing herself through paintings, charcoal drawings, sketches, and oil paintings. Art is enriching, uplifting, and educational.

How can you encourage art at home?

  • Have an “art bin” filled with items such as crayons, watercolor, chalk, sketching pencils, paper, and more. Bring this out several days a week for your children to enjoy!
  • Collect pictures from magazines, old post cards, or calendars are keep them with the art bin to give inspiration to your budding artist!
  • Turn on the classics! Classical music that is! Classical music stimulates the brain and I have seen how much my children enjoy creating art while listening to classical music.
  • Go outside to a local park or nature center and bring a sketchbook! Visit a butterfly exhibit and sketch along with your child the delicate beauty of a butterfly.
  • Enroll in an art class. If you have the means, enrolling your child in an art class is a great way to give your child more experience in creating works of art!

Enjoy the journey of your child embracing art. Yes, it can be messy! Buy lots of good vinyl table clothes, put on an art smock, and encourage art in your home! 😊

How do you encourage art at home? I would love to hear your ideas!  


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