Gluten Free or Free Gluten

My husband likes to joke with me that he would like his meals to be filled with “free gluten”. Since going gluten free a year and a half ago, my food world has been turned upside down. Food that I loved was now off limits and the substitutes were simply awful. I have yet to try a delicious piece of gluten free bread. 

I went gluten free after dealing with hypothyroidism. The changes that happened when I removed gluten from my diet were noticeable and welcomed! I no longer had stomach aches, joint pain, and a foggy brain. I am committed to a gluten free lifestyle. This isn’t always an easy journey when you want to continue frequenting your favorite restaurants or attending a social event. I fact, social situations prove to be quite challenging. 

Planning ahead is the key to being gluten free. Since almost every social event or activity revolves around food, it is best to think ahead! 

  • Always have snacks with you. Always, always, always.
  • Talk to the host ahead of time. Perhaps there will be a salad or baked potato that is in your wheel house of safe foods to eat! 
  • Peruse restaurant menus in advance to know your options. Usually, I can always find something that I can eat at most restaurants. The trickiest places are Chinese restaurants where almost everything has soy sauce. 
  • If a restaurant does not offer gluten free options, talk to the manager or owner about the need for gluten free choices. So many people are gluten free now and it is in the best interest of restaurants to accommodate a growing group of customers. 
  • Eat beforehand. This is my least favorite option, but sometimes it’s just best to eat before the social setting so that you can enjoy the company and not be overly concerned with all the choices that you can not eat. 

Going gluten free doesn’t have to inhibit your life, but it will take some thoughtful planning and preparedness! Eventually, you will think nothing of your gluten free lifestyle and you will be equipped with resources and ideas as you continue on the gluten free path! 

Stay tuned for my go-to gluten free recipes! 


5 thoughts on “Gluten Free or Free Gluten

  1. I am happy to hear that you are feeling better being gluten free! You offered some great tips. It seems like restaurants are becoming more accommodating over the past couple of years too. Hopefully “eat beforehand” won’t even cross our minds in the near future!! -Paige (


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