Educational Freedom

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“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln

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Freedom is such a powerful word. It evokes emotion and pride to live in a country where we are free people to make decisions according to our religious or personal beliefs. Sadly, our freedoms are being stripped away, little by little. The latest assault on our freedom, is a California initiative to remove educational options by eliminating Charter schools.

Those who are in favor of this initiative are claiming that Charter schools take away “billions of dollars from the state school districts”.

Here are a few facts about charter schools:

  • Charter Schools are Public Schools
  • Charter Schools do not cost money
  • Charter Schools require record keeping
  • Charter Schools require a monthly or bi-monthly teacher meeting
  • Charter Schools offer core and enrichment classes for students

My children are thriving in a Charter school, as are numerous other families that I personally know. We are thankful for the use of our tax dollars to have additional options to educate our children. This initiative removes parental choice in education, in hopes that all of the families in charter schools will enroll their children back into their “home” public school, thus providing more funding for the school districts. I don’t believe this will be the case if this initiative passes. Instead, I believe numerous families will continue homeschooling, but without the help of a Charter school.

Homeschooling through a Charter school provides an affordable alternative for many families. The funding provided to students is used for resources like educational classes, state approved curriculum, and school supplies. The accountability and support that is provided to families makes this form of education a great option for families who want to tailor the education to fit the needs of their children.

To remove this option for education, is to further limit our children from thriving in an environment that is aiding them in their educational pursuits and goals. 

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If approached to sign the Charter School removal initiative, please consider saying no, and instead, say yes to continued educational freedom in California.



One thought on “Educational Freedom

  1. Yes Laura!!! thank you for this! We all need to understand what is being taken away to the thousands of families with children in these programs. Children should continue to have a right to have an educational plan that fits their needs. I say NO on this initiative!

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