A Day in the Life of a Homeschool Mom


I am asked by many people what exactly a homeschool day looks like for my children and for me. To be honest, it varies slightly from day to day! One of the biggest misconceptions is that homeschoolers are at home all day long. This definitely isn’t true in our homeschool! While we have a basic set schedule for the week, I allow for flexibility in our schedule in order to provide our family with outdoor adventures, field trips, or appointments.




My children know what to expect when they wake up: get dressed, breakfast, and be ready for the day. I have a large, white board calendar on the wall that they can refer to regarding the day’s activities. This is helpful so that they know what to expect: enrichment classes, Bible study, or a field trip.


Our typical homeschool day takes between 2 1/2-4 1/2 hours depending on how many subjects we are covering for that day. On the days that we have enrichment classes or activities, we spend 2 1/2 hours per day on core subjects. On days without any classes, we spend between 4-41/2 hours on core subjects.




We start the morning around 8:30am with reading from our devotional book and children’s Bible. We mostly use “Thoughts To Make Your Heart Sing” and “The Jesus Storybook Bible”by Sally Lloyd Jones.






After devotions, we start on the basics: Math, Reading, and Language Arts. These subjects require mostly independent work for my 1st and 3rd grader, which allows me to get the dishes done, or read to my preschooler. Once these subjects are completed, we move on to Social Studies and Science. These are our more hands on subjects, and we all sit around the table together as we start our lesson activity.


We are studying Sea Creatures for science and my children love learning all about the different creatures that God created! I will read aloud a chapter about Mollusks for example, and my children will narrate back to me what they learned. Then, they will write “fascinating facts” about mollusks in their science notebook. After that, we spend time looking a stacks of books about the different mollusks and then draw pictures of the creatures that we are studying. Additionally, we have several Schleich animal creatures for playtime, and we will bring the tub of animals out and sort which creatures belong to which group. This hands on experience brings the whole lesson together and provides time for them to be creative with the lesson they learned.


Social Studies is similar in structure to science, with me reading aloud a lesson and they narrate back to me what they learned. We use maps and our favorite globe to locate the location of the history or geography lesson. We incorporate art and cultural foods throughout our social studies. Recently, we were studying Ancient Greece and we created our own Olympic games at a local park and finished off the day with a Greek feast!




We make sure to get outside every day! You can usually find us outside playing at the park, or taking a walk on a nature trail. We do not have a backyard and so I am very intentional about allowing the kids time to be outside each day.







  • Every day subjects: Math, Reading, Language Arts, PE
  • Subjects covered 2-3 times per week: Social Studies, Science, Art, Music
  • Once a week activities: Field Trips, Music Lessons, Enrichment Classes




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