Why We Love Holling C. Holling Books

I was introduce to Holling C. Holling books about two years ago. These books are incredible rich in pictures, words, and adventure. They are embraced immediately by all three of my children, ages 8, 6, and 4. They sit there with captive eyes and open ears, and eagerly await the words they hear and the pictures they see. Even my wiggly 4 year old will sit still and listen to each word and examine each captivating illustration that she encounters along the pages.

Holling C. Holling books are living books, which make the subject at hand come alive!

A Living Book “pulls you into the subject and involves your emotions, so it’s easy to remember to events and facts.” (https://simplycharlottemason.com/faq/livingbook/)



We are using Holling C. Holling books for our study in Geography. The curriculum we use is Beautiful Feet Geography. This curriculum uses a Geography Guide and four Holling C. Holling Books. We refer to the guide from time to time, but really, I let my children explore the books and ask questions about each page that we read. I then have my children narrate back to me what I read to them. They can do this with precision! These books truly captivate their adventurous and curious spirit!




After narration, I incorporate art into our lesson. It is a pleasure to look at the beautiful illustrations in these books. They are exceptional and inspiring. I have my children replicate one of the drawings and write a few sentences describing the picture. There are numerous ways to continue learning from these living books, including incorporating a study in nature that ties into story. Handiwork and crafting is also an option. My son wants to make his own “Paddle-to-the-Sea” boat every time we are at a stream or pond. He gathers materials, builds his canoe, and sets sail to his own “Paddle-to-the-Sea”!



We are currently reading “A Tree in the Trail” by Holling C. Holling. In the book we learned about how to determine the age of a tree by counting the rings. Each ring represents one year of the tree’s life. We put this into action at a local park that had cut down some trees! We found several tree stumps and the kids eagerly counted the tree’s rings and were even more exuberant when the tree matched their own age!




There are five Holling C. Holling books that we have in our home library:

If you haven’t already added these rich, captivating books to your home library, I highly recommend that you do! These books brings excitement, adventure, wonder, beauty, inspiration, and a readiness to learn.

I will be writing a “Living Books” post in the near future that will include all of our favorites from several different authors! Subscribe to my blog to receive updates on new posts! Thanks for stopping by!


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