Nature Journaling 101

How To Start Nature Journaling


When Spring Fever Hits Your Homeschool

Spring has sprung and the warmer weather continues to beckon us outside! The flowers are blooming, the days are longer, and the outdoors look so inviting! Every year around March, my kids get spring fever and want to do other things besides their normal school work routine. Now that this has happened for the last […]

Can Gluten Free Bread Actually Taste Good?

The food that I miss the most since going gluten free is bread. And by bread I mean really good bread. Not the unsuccessful attempts at bread that are out there for the gluten free crowd. Some of which are simply awful and resemble cardboard! Bleh! Considering how expensive gluten free bread is, I rarely […]

Setting the Tone and Holding the Keys

Growing up as a child, I always wanted to be a mom. My dream came true nine years ago when I first became a mother to my first daughter. Two short years after that my son was born, and then almost three years later my second daughter was born. Now, I am halfway through my […]

A Hiking & Biking We Will Go

The last two weekends, we have embarked on a hiking and biking adventure. We love being out in the fresh air and spending time together as a family. I can see the stress leave my husband when he is out in nature, enjoying a bike ride and the captivating scenery. We need to be outside […]