Creating an Adventure




What is it about nature that captivates and refreshes us? The fresh air, the awe of Creator God, and the warm sun combined with a sense of freedom make for a perfect afternoon. Today we went to the Turtle Rock Nature Center. Sadly, the nature trails were closed! I could see the disappointment on my children’s faces, since this particular nature center is one of their favorites. Two of my children had butterfly nets in hand, and the other was armed with a magnifying glass ready to examine what she encountered on the trail. They wanted to explore and have an adventure.

I knew that there was a little stream that flowed into the nature center, and so we decided to follow the stream to see where it started! We walked along the grassy path, following the stream as far as we could go. We encountered ducks, a crane, and lots of butterflies! There were beautiful trees, rocks, and sticks to provide an exploring adventure for my children. We spent a lot of time running through the grassy field, exploring the trees, and watching the stream flow.

I highly recommend this nature center (when it’s open!). But, even if it isn’t open, you can have a nature adventure by exploring the area outside of the nature center. There is also a nice sized playground close to the stream. This park has it all! It’s tucked away, quiet, and shaded with beautiful trees. My youngest is already planning what she wants to do when we go back to the grassy area next to the stream. Moments like these where we combine wonder, learning, and physical activity are some of my favorite times spent with my kids. They have freedom to imagine, explore, and play. I hope they always remember these sweet times spent outside together; I know I always will.


Create your own Adventure!

  • Come equipped with butterfly nets, magnifying glasses, binoculars, and a notebook!
  • Read books about natural habitats and what you can expect to find in certain areas.
  • Bring a change of clothes and shoes. I have made this mistake far too often. I forget to pack extra clothes, and sure enough my kids got muddy or wet from their adventure.
  • Bring a picnic blanket to sit under a shady tree and talk about what you discovered.
  • Bring snacks and water.
  • Chronicle your time exploring through photos. These make sweet memories!

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