Tide Pool Treasures


“My soul is full of longing
for the secret of the sea,
and the heart of the great ocean
sends a thrilling pulse through me.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We have been studying about sea creatures this year and have been able to take some fantastic field trips to bring to life what we have been learning all year. We have spent days at the Aquarium of the Pacific, Sea World, and most recently, the tide pools!



It was a picture perfect day at the beach to explore the tide pools.  Partly cloudy, with bursts of sunshine, a gentle warm breeze, and low tide. We scoured the beach for different shells, looking to identify the various mollusks and crustaceans we have been studying about. We found numerous mussels, sea anemones, and hermit crabs! We even found a couple sea slugs and a dismembered lobster body scattered across the rocky shore.


The kids loved catching the hermit crabs and observing their different shells and noticing their claws. They each had a small bucket to catch the crabs and they worked hard to fill their bucket with as many as they could catch.


Before embarking on our tide pool adventure, we checked out several books from the library to help us in our discovery and learning about crustaceans, shells, and mollusks. Here are a few of the great books we checked out that aided us in our lesson:




We are also reading “Pagoo” by Holling C. Holling which is a story about a hermit crab, which is very appropriate for our unit study.





One of the greatest advantages for homeschooling is that you can spend more time on a certain subject area based on the child’s interest and eagerness to learn!

We have been spending several weeks studying crustaceans and mollusks and the kids continue to want to learn more about these amazing little creatures.

Bringing their learning to life through exploring the tide pools was a memorable time for our family. We will be checking out other tide pools in the area to see what other sorts of creatures we can discover along the way!




3 thoughts on “Tide Pool Treasures

  1. I love tide pools probably more than my kids do. I’m like a kid at a candy store when I enjoy tide pools. Your kiddos look like they had such a great time. Love all the crabs and things you guys found and the books you read. We so need to enjoy a tide pool soon.


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