A Hiking & Biking We Will Go


The last two weekends, we have embarked on a hiking and biking adventure. We love being out in the fresh air and spending time together as a family. I can see the stress leave my husband when he is out in nature, enjoying a bike ride and the captivating scenery. We need to be outside and take in the glorious creation that God created for us to enjoy!


We didn’t know too much about the trail, except that it led to caves that we could explore! But we quickly learned that walking with three young children, up and down the path, for several miles, was a bit much. We were wanting to go and see cave rock and robber’s cave, but ended up having the turn back about halfway through our hike. Lesson learned. We found out exactly how far the caves were (we should have determined this first!) and decided we would bike it instead of hiking it! Walking the trail though provided a lot of opportunity to observe the wildflowers, listen to the creek, and avoid the stink bugs that were always crossing our paths. I enjoyed walking the trail just as much as I enjoyed biking the trail! Both provide a great outdoor experience!



Cave Rock



The kids were very excited about biking to the caves, and I knew that we needed to plan this bike ride sooner than later because I am almost 6 months pregnant! I can tell that it’s a bit more challenging to bike now with my baby belly in the way! But all in all, I did pretty well and was happy to be able to enjoy this adventure with my husband and children.


This trail up to Cave Rock is such a step away from the busy city life and it’s so quiet that it’s almost eerie! We made our way up a sandy, narrow trail to Cave Rock and started to explore the area. From our view, we could see several wind caves scattered along the opposite hillside. It was beautiful.


The sun was starting to set behind the hills, and so we had to start our journey back. We could have stayed a lot longer and gone further up the trail to the dripping cave (also known as “robber’s cave”), but we will save that trip for another day!




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