Can Gluten Free Bread Actually Taste Good?

The food that I miss the most since going gluten free is bread. And by bread I mean really good bread. Not the unsuccessful attempts at bread that are out there for the gluten free crowd. Some of which are simply awful and resemble cardboard! Bleh!

Considering how expensive gluten free bread is, I rarely buy it because of the cost and mostly because of the taste. Why waste money on bread that tastes like cardboard and crumbles with every bite you take?

I always tell my husband that if someone can actually recreate the taste of real bread into a gluten free version, they will make millions! Well, I think I may have found a bread that takes gluten free bread to a whole new level!

I was at Ralph’s grocery store because it was close to home and I had to pick up a few things. I rarely shop there and I wasn’t even looking for bread! I stumbled across an end cap of an aisle that was advertising gluten free bread from a brand I did not recognize. Usually I would have moved on but something caught my eye. Not only is this bread gluten free, but it is wheat free (different from gluten free!), dairy free, egg free, soy free, nut free, and vegan! What?!? Wow, that’s an impressive list and it actually appeared to look appetizing. I decided to try it but didn’t have super high hopes as I tossed a loaf into my shopping cart.

Once I got home I decided that I would try the bread and decided to toast it. I added some kerrygold Irish butter and some organic guava jelly and took an unenthusiastic bite. I was pleasantly surprised at the amazing taste and the fact that the bread tastes like real bread and didn’t dissolve into crumbs with each bite I took! I was hooked. I looked at the package again and noticed it’s made in Ireland! My Irish pride beamed.

The brand is called BFree and I highly recommend giving it a taste! Looks like there is hope for those gluten free folks who miss the taste of good tasting bread!! At $5.99 a loaf it is still pricy, but well worth it! And considering that the gluten free cardboard bread on the market averages $4.99 a loaf, this is well worth the extra dollar to actually enjoy the taste of some soft, great tasting bread! Mmm!

The BFree brand also has bagels and wraps which I am looking forward to tasting! I can’t wait to once again enjoy a delicious sandwich that is gluten and wheat free, yet still tastes like a sandwich!

If you have tried BFree Gluten and Wheat Free Bread, what are your thoughts? It’s definitely my new favorite and has brought back hope to enjoy bread again!


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