When Spring Fever Hits Your Homeschool


Spring has sprung and the warmer weather continues to beckon us outside! The flowers are blooming, the days are longer, and the outdoors look so inviting! Every year around March, my kids get spring fever and want to do other things besides their normal school work routine. Now that this has happened for the last four years, I know what to expect! Anticipating this change has allowed me to modify our school schedule so that we are able to do more outside, while still completing our work and assignments that want to keep us inside!

  • My first remedy for spring fever is to get up earlier and start the homeschool day without any delay. I inspire the kids to get their work done early so that we can go outside and enjoy the sunshine and the sounds of nature. They (usually) eagerly finish their math, language arts, and reading in order to be ready for the outdoors! Then, instead of staying inside to continue homeschooling, I take our homeschooling outside! I bring a picnic blanket, spread it out over the grass, and read our history and geography books to them under a shaded tree. Our map work and history assignments are easy to take with us, and we can enjoy completing them outside.


  • My second remedy for spring fever is to double up two days a week on the more lengthy subjects like science. I will do the bulk of the reading for the week on one day, and allow them to do the labeling, observing, and science projects on another day. This allows us to have three days where we do not have as lengthy of assignments each day!


  • My third remedy (and favorite!) is to follow the Charlotte Mason method of learning outside! There is a plethora of ways to learn outdoors: studying plants and trees (botany), identifying edible weeds and plants along with poisonous plants, and using the powers of observation and identification of the world around us. The possibilities are endless! My favorite part of the Charlotte Mason philosophy of education is that the child can learn outdoors best! This has proven true time and time again in our homeschool. My children will be curious and observe something like a different type of animal habitat or plant. They will be inspired to learn more about what they discovered and will therefore, research, gain knowledge, and be able to tell me in detail about their discovery! I have learned so much from this type of educational method. I love that through homeschooling, I am learning about things taught to me years ago all over again!




So don’t worry if you kids get spring fever, instead, modify your schedule to accommodate an outdoor classroom environment! Enjoy the sunshine, the breeze, and the blooming flowers as you continue your learning journey!


One thought on “When Spring Fever Hits Your Homeschool

  1. You are so right about starting the day out early. That is super important. I’m trying to the same thing with my kiddos. We also take our school work outside with us. It is so nice outside. We can no longer enjoy sitting on the grass because snakes are out and about already. But we can sit on our deck or on the cement. 🙂


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