Celebrating and Reflecting


Beautiful Abalone Cove in Rancho Palos Verdes!

“I have found the one my soul loves” Song of Solomon 3:4

My husband and I recently celebrated our 10th anniversary! It was such a gorgeous day, and we got to spend the entire day together. We started off the morning by driving to Abalone Cove, a breathtaking, seaside cliff that leads down to the beautiful, clear beaches of Rancho Palos Verdes. We explored the shore, looking for beach treasures, and hiked along the rocky coast of this beautiful cove. We laughed, held hands, and reflected on ten years and what a journey it has been! We savored this special moment celebrating our marriage.


My husband is a man of few words, and what he wrote to me for our tenth anniversary touched my heart and brought me to tears. Our marriage has not endured just because of love. Our marriage has endured because of Jesus Christ. Our hope is in Him; and our vows we made 10 years ago are held together by our reverence, love, and adoration of our God. Our love has only grown stronger through the numerous trials and difficult times we have endured. We also have had incredibly blessed times throughout our marriage. This is real life, the good and the not so good. The great times and the really tough times. Marriage is not a blissful ride through a field of roses, but rather, it is a commitment to love one another and to honor God through the unity of marriage.


I am so thankful for what marriage teaches me on a daily basis. Selfishness has to take a back seat and so does pride. I have found that the times that we are selfish and prideful, have proven to be some of the more challenging times in our marriage. It’s not about being right either, but showing grace and love to one another. I didn’t learn these things right away, and I definitely haven’t mastered them yet! But, I am seeing that as time goes by, the less I am concerned about the little things that used to be my focus. Grace, acceptance, encouragement, and love is what I strive to give to my husband. A pastor told me recently to be my husband’s biggest cheerleader and encourager and how that means the world to a man, knowing that his wife is on his side no matter what!

Prayer is an essential part of our marriage. Praying for my husband, and praying with my husband are such great tools in strengthening our marriage. Having the Lord at the center of our marriage gives us the right perspective and allows us to bring our concerns to God, the one who can truly change and heal hearts. The Word of God speaks about marriage in many passages throughout the Bible (See Ephesians 5:22-33 and Hebrews 13:4-7). A favorite passage about love is 1 Corinthians 13. “Love Never Fails” has been significant to us, because at our wedding, my mom wrote us a beautiful song entitled “Love Never Fails”.


Fun Fact! This stone was mined from the stone quarries of Ephesus.

I have been reading You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity by Francis and Lisa Chan. I highly recommend reading it because it gives such a great perspective on how we should view marriage. There are a lot of insights in the book that bring us back to the truth. The book has been challenging me, encouraging me, and equiping me through the journey of marriage.


As the anniversary celebration day went on, we loved spending the entire day together, just the two of us! I realized how much I truly enjoy being with my husband. Most of the time we are running from one event to the next, without a lot of down time in between.  Having a day where we were not rushed and could go at our own pace was refreshing! We committed to planning more days where the two of us can spend some free time together, in order to strengthen our marriage and give us time to talk, reflect, laugh, pray, and enjoy each others company!


If you look closely, you can see Catalina Island!

We finished off our day eating a delicious lunch, seeing a movie, and then heading out for a late dinner. It was so nice to be carefree and spontaneous! We enjoyed our adventure at Abalone Cove and loved exploring this new beach! We also enjoyed driving through beautiful hillside roads that led to gorgeous ocean views, clear skies, and wild flowers scattered on the hillsides. Thankful for a lovely and blessed day celebrating our tenth anniversary!



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