Summer Survival Schedule

Summer is officially here! We had a crazy heat wave that welcomed the first day of summer this past week. Being 9 months pregnant in a heat wave is not the most enjoyable experience! Thankfully, we have air conditioning…otherwise I may have gone to Costco and spent some time in their refrigerated section! My kids […]

Why Should You Vote?

Election season is in full swing and my mailbox has been stuffed with ads from candidates vying for my vote. Signs are posted on every corner and my Facebook news feed is filled with political posts from all sides. I find it absolutely astonishing that many, many people will not exercise the privilege to vote! I […]

Chiming in about Harambe

  All over the internet, social media, and on every news source is the tragic story about Harambe, the silverback gorilla who was shot and killed after a 4 year old child climbed over into the exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo. The zoo officials shot the gorilla to protect the child, and thankfully, the child’s […]