Why Should You Vote?


Election season is in full swing and my mailbox has been stuffed with ads from candidates vying for my vote. Signs are posted on every corner and my Facebook news feed is filled with political posts from all sides.

I find it absolutely astonishing that many, many people will not exercise the privilege to vote! I can not comprehend why someone would not want their voice heard, whether they think that the person they are voting for has a chance or not! I strongly believe it is an American responsibility to vote! When I turned 18, I registered to vote and proudly walked into the booth with a sense of fulfilling an American duty!  Voting gives us a voice and the less we exercise our voting voice, the more it will be diminished and eventually taken away. Voting is a simple, yet significant way we can make our voice heard.

There is even a ballot measure in California that would silence our representative’s voice if they disagree with the majority. They can be “suspended without pay” and our voice will be silenced. Here is what Senator Joel Anderson, a respectable man who I have personally met, has to say about the issue:


It’s not just voting for President either, it’s about the local candidates who will eventually move up to hold higher offices. It’s about each piece of legislature that will affect our family, city, state, and nation. Usually, most people are only aware of the hype surrounding the vote for President, which is important, but the local issues and candidates are just as important! We need to educate ourselves and research the language of the measures, propositions, and candidates who are running for office. This is our duty! There are fantastic sites on the internet that assist in understanding the issues and where the candidates stand on certain issues.

Why should a Christian vote? We are “not of this world” right? Why spend the time trying to vote and be a part of this world? Jesus is coming back soon so these things won’t matter anyway, right?!

These are honestly some of the responses I have heard when discussing politics with other followers of Christ. Here are some responses that may help in understanding why a Christian should absolutely exercise their right to vote in this country:

  • Politics affect the way Christians can be salt and light. Look at China and North Korea. The way of life for Christians there is a direct result of politics.
  • By not voting, one is forsaking the God-given responsibility to be a good steward. This is omission and inaction.
  • Jesus participated in politics and was constantly engaged with the religious leaders at the time which were also the political leaders.

Check out this article on Crossexamined.org titled “Jesus, Christians and Politics: Why They Go Together” 

Get educated about the issues and pay attention to politics.

The future of our children depends on the choices that we make today.

These cultural issues that are before us right now didn’t “happen overnight”…it’s been years in the making to shift the country. We can still do something about it if we exercise our right to vote and be aware of what is happening politically in our country! Let’s not focus on celebrities, fashion trends, and impromptu concerts from Kanye West that cause rioting…

instead, let’s focus on what matters:

Our Faith, Our Family, Our Country, Our Voice!





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