Summer Survival Schedule

Summer Survival Schedule

Summer is officially here! We had a crazy heat wave that welcomed the first day of summer this past week. Being 9 months pregnant in a heat wave is not the most enjoyable experience! Thankfully, we have air conditioning…otherwise I may have gone to Costco and spent some time in their refrigerated section!

My kids love summer because they love the pool and the beach! They would probably live in the pool if I let them. This summer is different though since I am due in a little over 2 weeks with my baby boy! I am trying very hard to keep up a schedule and get the kids outside, but it is definitely challenging when all I want to do is rest and nest!

I decided that the best action I could take is to create a Summer Survival Schedule! Here’s what it looks like around our house this summer:

  • Breakfast
  • Build your Brain Activities (puzzles, games, reading)
  • Be Creative (Art, coloring, crafting, handicraft)
  • Be Outside (Pool, Park, Beach) I usually pack up a lunch for us to eat while we enjoy being outdoors 
  • Be Calm…so I can rest! (Reading, quiet playing, or even movie time)
  • Be Helpful (Summer chores that need to be completed each afternoon)

So far we are off to a great start with our schedule! I have seen my kids really engage in some of the brain building activities and I love seeing their creativity inspire some great play time! I am also allowing for some “bored” time where they need to figure out for themselves what to do. Being bored is super important… it allows for creativity and imagination!

What does your summer schedule look like? I know that things will definitely change once baby boy makes his debut! But hopefully we can keep up some of the good habits that we have started to make this summer fun and memorable!


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