Shopping Adventures with Four

My baby boy is now 9 weeks old! The newborn stage goes by so quickly, and I am trying to enjoy all of the sweet moments of this stage. He is such a mellow, happy baby. His smile brings me so much joy! As the fourth baby, I feel like he can sense that I know what I am doing! Haha! Nursing him has been a breeze and he sleeps like a champ at night. Thanks be to God for those blessings! Our family has been in the midst of such tremendous stress and changes in almost every area of our life, that I am extremely thankful for an easy baby during the chaos of everything else!

It has been interesting adjusting to life with four kids… for instance, I thought that I could go to Costco by myself with all four kids in tow. Not my brightest idea! It all went well till I reached the checkout line and it quickly went downhill. My oldest got her foot ran over by someone pushing their cart into her while they absentmindedly looked at their phone, my oldest son was asking me a million questions, my youngest daughter was trying to help and was getting frustrated, and my baby boy was hungry and crying. As I looked around, everyone was starring at their phones and hardly seemed to notice the chaos surrounding them. I fumbled to find my wallet, quickly apologized, and ran out of there with a frazzled look that lasted for a few hours. I can look back now and laugh… but why on earth did I think that I could tackle Target by myself only a few weeks later!? Must be the mommy-brain!

I figured that it must have been Costco that made my trip to the store so crazy, so I decided to take all four to Target so we could quickly grab some things that we needed. It was relatively uneventful until it was time to check out (I am noticing a theme here!). The baby woke up and was crying, two of my kids were trying to help me take out all the groceries from the bottom of the stroller, all the while telling me how thirsty they were, and my youngest daughter was loudly singing the song from Zootopia! The poor lady working at Target must have been new and couldn’t seem to get anything scanned and then the printer was out of receipt paper. She quickly picked up the phone for help and the manager and her both couldn’t seem to get the paper re-loaded! Ahh! At this point I didn’t even care about having a receipt… I just wanted to leave and feed the baby! My oldest started covering her ears from all the noise and I dashed out of there, receipt in hand, and Target plastic bags hanging on the stroller handles. Phew! We made it…barely! I have since decided that no matter how optimistic it may seem for me to take all of the kids to the store, to ALWAYS say no to that thought! It isn’t worth it… which is why someone created online shopping. It’s the only way to go now for me at this stage. Thank God for Amazon prime and Prime now! šŸ™‚




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