Summer Survival Schedule

Summer is officially here! We had a crazy heat wave that welcomed the first day of summer this past week. Being 9 months pregnant in a heat wave is not the most enjoyable experience! Thankfully, we have air conditioning…otherwise I may have gone to Costco and spent some time in their refrigerated section! My kids […]

Imagine That!

  “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one” John Lennon I am always encouraging my children to use their imagination! Imagination is something that gets pushed aside as we get older. A lot of our imagination can get lost through lack of use because TV or movies does all the […]

Developing a Love for Reading: Part 1

In this three part series, I will address how to develop a love for reading. I will focus on three types of reading: reading aloud to children reading and embracing poetry independent reading These encouraging and informational posts will be from my personal experience in homeschooling my three children, my degree in English (which focused […]

Setting the Tone and Holding the Keys

Growing up as a child, I always wanted to be a mom. My dream came true nine years ago when I first became a mother to my first daughter. Two short years after that my son was born, and then almost three years later my second daughter was born. Now, I am halfway through my […]

A Busy Mom’s Guide to Juggling

Just the other day I was reflecting on the days when my oldest two children, who are two years apart, were young toddlers. I remember waking up and knowing that I had an entire day ahead of me, with relatively no plans, other than things we wanted to do! We made daily excursions to the […]

4th Baby on the Way

I am so excited to be pregnant with my 4th baby! I am 17 weeks and feeling great for the most part! I had very little morning sickness thanks to the help of my natural doctor who helped me avoid the unpleasant morning (all day) sickness that plagued me with my other pregnancies. One thing […]