Nature Journaling 101

How To Start Nature Journaling


A Hiking & Biking We Will Go

The last two weekends, we have embarked on a hiking and biking adventure. We love being out in the fresh air and spending time together as a family. I can see the stress leave my husband when he is out in nature, enjoying a bike ride and the captivating scenery. We need to be outside […]

Creating an Adventure

    What is it about nature that captivates and refreshes us? The fresh air, the awe of Creator God, and the warm sun combined with a sense of freedom make for a perfect afternoon. Today we went to the Turtle Rock Nature Center. Sadly, the nature trails were closed! I could see the disappointment […]

Why We Love Holling C. Holling Books

I was introduce to Holling C. Holling books about two years ago. These books are incredible rich in pictures, words, and adventure. They are embraced immediately by all three of my children, ages 8, 6, and 4. They sit there with captive eyes and open ears, and eagerly await the words they hear and the […]

Fishing for Clams and Chasing Butterflies

“Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life” Charlotte Mason Homeschooling my children gives me incredible freedom to make last minute decisions to go on an adventure if we feel so inclined! Today was one of those days. I could tell that my children were itching to get outside in the gorgeous weather, soak up […]