Imagine That!

  “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one” John Lennon I am always encouraging my children to use their imagination! Imagination is something that gets pushed aside as we get older. A lot of our imagination can get lost through lack of use because TV or movies does all the […]

Developing a Love for Reading: Part 2

โ€œPainting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.โ€  -Leonardo Da Vinci Developing A Love For Reading: Part 2 Reading & Embracing Poetry April is National Poetry Month and it seemed fitting that I am writing this post right now! Of course, any month of […]

Developing a Love for Reading: Part 1

In this three part series, I will address how to develop a love for reading. I will focus on three types of reading: reading aloud to children reading and embracing poetry independent reading These encouraging and informational posts will be from my personal experience in homeschooling my three children, my degree in English (which focused […]

Springtime Science with Silkworms!

For the last 5-6 weeks we have had the chance to study and observe a Silkworm! These fascinating insects are not worms at all, but rather they are caterpillars! Silkworms have an interesting history dating back to ancient China. According to my first grade son, this is how the story goes: “One day an Empress […]

When Spring Fever Hits Your Homeschool

Spring has sprung and the warmer weather continues to beckon us outside! The flowers are blooming, the days are longer, and the outdoors look so inviting! Every year around March, my kids get spring fever and want to do other things besides their normal school work routine. Now that this has happened for the last […]